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Being a new grassroot nonprofit, I should be marketing myself through blogs about me, my qualifications, what I can do...you know, tooting my own horn.  Instead, I feel the need to not only blow, but lay on the horn. Not no Honda or Chevy horn, but that powerful Cadillac or better yet an 18-wheeler semi truck horn!

I'm blowing the horn in the name of the current climate in our community.  Everyone has an emotion or a person, occupation or race to blame but remedies and actions are far and few between.  

I'm blowing the horn on all the parents that are too busy with their own stuff to know if their teenager is running the streets, snapchatting surrounded with bottles of Henney, blunts and bands that came from who knows where.  What's the difference between parents that work multiple jobs and/or go to school and parents that are addicts?  When it comes to the quality time kids are spending with their parents, there's really not a whole lot of difference.  

I'm blowing the horn on my parenting. I was that single mom that worked full time and part time and went to school.  I feared for my son's future, and so I made it my mission to surround him with sports and activities that kept him out the streets and around solid families that gave him the consistency and stability that I could not provide as a single working mother.  My goal was to raise a man that wasn't like these bum ass dudes out here and I feel like I accomplished that, so I want to share what worked for me.  I don't know if it's a remedy, but PARENTS...I truly believe it's not too late to change the climate. 

Activities for kids ain't cheap, but having a kid needs to take priority. Bills are always going to be there. Your child's life is in jeopardy right now!  You say you got bills and you must work...I say let's sit down and figure out a budget and get your finances under control.  Money is the number one thing that is contributing to this violence.  Parents need money to pay bills or feed their habit, whatever the reason...it's pulling them up, up & away from their teens.  The teens want money because you can't post on the gram with less than a band.  They see you chasin the $$, so they are too.  You may or may not know what your teenager is chasing.  Find out! Communicate!  Redirect! Set boundaries, rules, curfews and expectations! If they are old enough, make them get a job just so they can have some accountability and learn how to communicate in real life.

There was a time when I believed you couldn't blame the parents for kids misbehaving, but the current climate is no coincidence.  I started seeing so many 25 and 30 and over bars packed with parents out kickin it...where's your teenager at tho?  I did that, I know.  I'm pointing out my errors, my faults, my struggles, and my victories.  This thing called parenting ain't easy, but I think it's time that parents need to step their game up.  Take responsibility, ownership and play a part in your village to help reclaim a safer community. 

Changing Gears NPO is here to assist in program ideas, tax deductable fundraisers and any other suggestions that supports increasing citizen productivity. Please spread the word.  Idle minds and busy parents have created our current climate...let's change it!

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